Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Gets New Software Update With Improvements

If you have a T-Mobile plan and a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, then you must have already received the latest software update from the carrier. If not, you will get it soon. Don’t rush to look into it, T-Mobile does not give you many pieces of information about it, but it’s enough to know the version number to see what you will have to deal with.

Its version is N950USQS5CRL1

The device gets the January Android security patch. There’s nothing more after that. We don’t know for sure if the devices have come up with new modifications or if T-Mobile has come with some changes. We don’t know anything about apps, either. We are waiting for the support page to go live.

What we know so far

All we have now are some instructions for the user of the device. The update file has 181 MB. T-Mobile will not charge their users for the data that was consumed while downloading and installing the update – which we think it’s thoughtful. You should also know that you have to keep your phone fully charged while you download the software update. We also know that it doesn’t take a lot of time, and that you cannot use the phone for any kind of use – you cannot even make emergency calls.

If you did not get it and you want to get it manually, just go to Settings, to Software updates, to Update manually.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was released in August 2017. It came with Android Nougat, 7.1.1 version. Then, the phone received the Android Oreo version 8.0.

With regards to camera, it has for the rear camera a 12 MP x 2 dual sensor setup, and the front camera comes with 8 MP.

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