Apps from Tweakbox and Tutuapp Are Not Working: How to Fix the Issue

We have recently heard that the third party app installer TweakBox – which is also a jailbreak alternative – might have some glitches. Users everywhere are starting to complain on social media and on all the social platforms, like Twitter or Facebook about the problems of some apps – like Spotify++, that cannot get installed, or that does not give access to the users.

How can you fix it?

Many of the users are looking for answers and for ways to fix it. Many wonder if the apps are still good or if they got revoked. Users started to uninstall them and then trying to re-download, but it’s not a success. Some get that the apps need to be verified, but after they do verify them, nothing happens. They are looking for ways to be able to download the apps again.

When opening the app, users get the following message: that they need an internet connection in order to do the verifying of the developer. It is also said in the message that the app will not be available until it gets verified.

Some even complained that the download process starts, but does not load.

Tweakbox has then come up with a response. They said that the apps were revoked and that they are fixing them as they speak. They asked the users to delete them, re-install them, and then trust them from Settings.

The Tutu app has problems, too

Then we found out that the Tutu app was also not working. They also said that the apps were revoked and that they are working on them. They are asking the users to be patient because everything will work out soon.

TweakBox has talked about the problem, saying that it’s their fault, and it all happened because of the CDN company. They said that it’s better to use a VPN in order to fix it.






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