Kaspersky vs. Norton Security Premium – Best Features Comparison

To make sure which program suits you best, we will compare key factors for you.

Their App design

Kaspersky and Norton’s desktop apps are both easy to use thanks to their interface that looks similar to mobile tiles. The primary screen in Kaspersky has eight tiles each representing a module apart from the More Tools button that is quite self-explanatory. Meanwhile, Norton provides a series of five tiles that allow you to jump into the features the app offers right from there.

In Kaspersky, it will be easier for you to get to key features because you will need to take fewer steps. The fey features include parental controls, security scans, and updates. The single disadvantage would be that you need to use the primary dashboard to sort through the more options available.

Compared to its competitor, Norton will have you execute one more click, but it is easier to get to the essential features as there are fewer categories in the starting dashboard.

Neither of these applications is hard to use, and it depends on what approach you prefer. From our point of view, it is a little bit easier to use Norton instead of Kaspersky.

Winner: Norton


Both Kaspersky and Norton showed almost no impact when they were used on PC Mark 8’s work conventional test after a full system scan. The performance of the PC improved slightly thanks to Norton, but the Kaspersky did not change anything, even made it a little worse.

Using Handbrake yielded, the file-conversion test offered a similar result. Kaspersky acted the same while Norton improved the performance a little bit.



Kaspersky charges you $100 for five devices and $50 per year for a new user while Norton asks for $110 for ten devices and $55 per year for new users.

Winner: Norton

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