Stop Opening Boxes in Brawl Stars! Gene’s Super Crashes the Game and Gets Deactivated – UPDATE

Update! Brawl Stars will soon have a short maintenance for the temporary deactivation of Gene and some fixes.

A few minutes ago, Brawl Stars wrote the following update on the situation, announcing that Gene will be available his weekend, and players that have opened the box not knowing that he was disabled will be “compensated.”

Gene Crashes The Game

About three hours ago, Brawl Stars announced on their Twitter page that “GENE IS HERE!”

Apparently, Gene is indeed in Brawl Stars, but his ultimate is so powerful, that it actually crashed the game. No, really!

Why Shouldn’t You Open Boxes Now?

Although Brawl Stars only announced that they had disabled Gene, they didn’t say anything about the possibility of getting it from boxes. Here are the latest announcements from the Brawl Stars Team on Twitter:

Hey Brawlers, unfortunately we’ve discovered a critical bug in Gene’s super. We’ll need to disable Gene until we can fix this issue. Very sorry for the delay in Gene’s release and we’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

There are also players that either got lucky and unlocked Gene from a box before the crashes or bought him with gems. They too wondered what would happen next, but this one was obvious, and Brawl Stars said that once he is re-enabled, it will appear in the lists of the players that had him before the fix:

If you already unlocked Gene, don’t worry! You will still have him once he’s reenabled.

Just to be on the safe side, our advice for players is to stop opening boxes while Gene is deactivated.

You want to be sure that Gene hasn’t also been excluded from the box drops too. Some players have opened over a hundred boxes only to be disappointed they didn’t get Gene:

And these are only a few out of the thousands of messages asking for an answer.

When they saw on Twitter and Reddit that the Brawler was deactivated from the game, it dawned on them: they have just wasted months of gathering boxes on a brawler that might not even be in that box since it got deactivated…

Check back here for an update, or keep your eyes peeled for a Twitter post from the Brawl Stars Team.

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