Mythical Brawler Gene Deactivated: When Can You Play It? – UPDATED 1:00 PM ET

Brawl Stars Community Manager Rlight Update on Twitter (1:00 PM ET)
  • “We will compensate players with gems for all the boxes they opened between 10:40 am and 18:45EET unless they were missing a Mythic or had already unlocked Gene.”
  • “Android doesn’t need an update!”

The latest update came 5 minutes ago, and it brings great news!

Gene is BACK! We have just released an iOS update solving the issue. Our apologies for the inconvenience and compensation will arrive for affected players within the next 24 hours.

As you’ve probably noticed in the game or our previous article on the latest issues in Brawl Stars, Gene is not in the game.

For those that were out of the loop, Gene was meant to be available today. So why isn’t it yet in the game? A bug crashed the game whenever someone played Gene and used his Super. Because more and more users reported this issue, the Brawl Stars team disabled the brawler and looked for what was causing the crash.

Don’t Open Boxes!

However, the problem was that this issue was not announced in-game, so many players that didn’t know Gene was deactivated began opening boxes that they hoarded for months to get Gene. As soon as they found out, they were very angry and demanded an explanation or assurance from the devs that they will get compensated.

Sure enough, the Brawl Stars team is great and while trying to fix the problem, they told players on the subreddit thread that Gene will be disabled for a while until they fix the issues and any players that were affected by this problem will be compensated:

We are preparing a new update, and our goal is to get Gene into your hands for this weekend. At the same time we are looking into how many of you were affected by this inconvenience and will compensate you automatically. You will not have to contact our Player Support team to resolve this issue.

Among the top comments on Brawl Stars’ Reddit announcement, players like ‘kodatrololo’ wanted to know from Supercell more about all the things that affected players, like the Lunar offer, and Ryan from Supercell answered:

We hope to! It depends how quickly we can get Gene fixed.

Gene Will Not Be Unlocked While Disabled

Meanwhile, BrawlStars Support answered to another player’s question about Gene being available in the boxes:

You will not be able to unlock Gene from any sources while he is disabled. I want to correct this erroneous response from our Support team, and sorry to everyone for this inconvenience!

Another user – hailsogeking, asked Supercell if they could describe the issue once they solve it so that players understand that this wasn’t a problem caused by the lack of testing:

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