Clash Royale League will go Through Some Major Changes

Clash Royale was released back in 2016 but the game has managed to gather a strong fan base.

The title offers an interesting gameplay experience by fusing the concepts of collectible trading card games, real-time strategy and action-filled player versus player events.

Some will be surprised to learn that the game has a pretty solid e-sports division, with thousands of players that compete for the chance to become the best in the world.

Supercell has recently announced that the Clash Royale League season will arrive some interesting changes in 2019.

The North American, South American and  European divisions will be unified into a single Western division. The new division will compete against the Asian and Chinese divisions.

It is expected that the Western division will feature a number of teams that will be on par with the ones that compete for the rivals. In 2018 China was represented by 8 teams while the Asian region was represented by 12.

The old divisions were represented by 8 teams each, for a total number of 44 teams. Select sources claim that Supercell is negotiating with some of the teams in order to assemble the 2019 line-up.

The news isn’t great for the teams that weren’t able to impress the audience since it is likely that they will be dissolved in the near future. Some fans are also angry, fearing that their favorite team won’t be able to participate in the upcoming tournament.

In the past a Spring and Fall season was held in China and Asia while the western regions participated in a single Fall season.

This time the three divisions will compete in both a Spring and Fall season. The move seems to have been inspired by the changes operated by Hi-Rez, the developer and publisher of the well-known Smite and Paladins titles. Hi-Rez has recently decided to unify its North American and European divisions into a single league.

It is thought that the Spring season will begin in March.

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