Showbox 5.26 Rolled Out Recently With Several New Changes

In case you enjoy watching movies and TV series all the time, Showbox is the ideal option for you. Showbox is free, and it comes with a vast variety of content, boasting hundreds of movies of all genres and dozens of TV series. After facing some legal issues, Showbox seems to be back, and the new Showbox 5.26 rolled out a couple of days ago with several new changes.

Showbox is already a very appreciated streaming platform, mostly because it’s free, but unlike Netflix, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime, it’s also facing issues regarding the legality of its content. In short, Showbox streams copyright material without a license to do so. Thus, the Showbox app has been frequently shut down. But, it seems that the devs have always found a way to recover their popular app and make it available again and again.

That how, just a couple of days ago, Showbox 5.26 rolled out with some exciting changes. Just to be safe, we recommend you use this application with a VPN to hide your IP and watch movies and TV series for free, safely and privately.

Showbox 5.26 Comes With New Changes and Improvements

First of all, Showbox 5.26 comes with a fix for the unresponsive interface that affected many users of the previous versions. Secondly, Showbox 5.26 fixed the floating widgets feature.

In additions to all that, Showbox 5.26 comes with improved loading speeds, fixed download manager, and a series of new in-app mini games that users of the app can play even when there is no Internet connection. Besides, the new Showbox version also comes with stability and performance improvements to enhance user experience with the application.

Showbox 5.26 is the perfect solution never to get bored again, thanks to the hundreds of movies and TV series it offers for free and those cool, in-app mini games that are available even when you don’t have an Internet connection. You can download Showbox 5.26 from Aptoide.

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