Android Q Might Come Without Support For The ‘Back’ Button, As Google Turns To Gesture Controls

According to a recent report from XDA Developers, Google turns to gesture controls and already tests the new feature. Reportedly, Android Q might come out without support for the operating system’s ‘back’ button.

The folks from XDA Developers found out information about gesture controls in the leaked Android Q build that they’ve been checking out for several weeks now. According to the report, “in Android Q, Google is experimenting with two major changes to Android Pie’s gestures.”

More specifically, the company works on “replacing the dedicated ‘back’ button with a gesture and improving the fluidity of the ‘last app’ transition animation. You also can no longer disable the gestures to return to the vertical card recent apps overview with the three button navigation system. More changes may be coming ahead of release, but that’s what we’ve found so far,” as XDA Developers wrote.

Android Q Might Come Without Support For The ‘Back’ Button

What XDA Developers team uncovered from the leaked pre-build of Android Q might suggest that Google is indeed planning to enhance the gesture-based navigation on Android systems, something the company has already tested, to some extent, with Android 9 Pie.

However, in Android 9 Pie, we have a confusing combination between the old navigation controls, including the use of the ‘back’ button, and the new gesture controls navigation which moves away from three-button-based navigation to only two-button-based one.

“The average person upgrading their Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, or Pixel 2 XL to Android 9 Pie may have grown too accustomed to the dedicated back button, so its sudden removal might have been confusing for them. But now that all Pixel owners have had a taste of gesture navigation controls, it might be time to get rid of the dedicated back button. With the experimental gestures enabled in Android Q, you can swipe the pill to the left to go back. It’s exactly what I’ve been hoping to see, and it’s just as simple as it sounds,” XDA Developers said.

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