Android Q: Google Testing Navigation Gestures – Will It Make Your Life Easier?

Recently, Android 9 Pie has come up with a new gesture navigation system that makes the most out o an icon that’s shaped like a pill to go to the Home Screen, the open the app drawer, and go into multitasking. It replaced the “recent” button, and Google might actually be looking for a way to remove the back button.

There will be two possible changes

According to some sources, Google runs some tests about two possible changes to the gesture navigation system for Android 10. The most important one has to do with getting a pill-shaped icon to navigate the operating system and getting rid of the back button.

Before there was Pie, Android had three buttons in the navigation bar. Both Home and Recent were combined. However, Google kept a back button that only appeared if needed. Let’s take a clear example: on the Home Screen, the left arrow would disappear, the thing that would leave a simple look. In the app, a thin icon would show up in its usual place.

Get this: swiping the home button now gets you to Recent. A source has done an experiment in their build of Q, where a simple swipe to the left will go back. The pill goes to the center position, with very little vertical movement.

The other change is about a clearer animation when it comes to using a multitasking gesture to go through your open apps. Comparing to what we have now, the swipe to the right won’t get you to the Recent menu. But it will make you move from one app to the other via a card transition. However, this will require you to zoom out in the full menu of the multitasking. The results are fast.

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