Galaxy Apps Got Changed Right Before Samsung Unpacked Event 2019

The most tech busy month of the year is February when manufacturers present their latest devices and smartphone/gadgets enthusiasts rejoice. In just a few days we get to see the Mobile World Congress, but today Samsung wants to be the center of attention at their own event in which they will reveal this year’s lineup of smartphones and other gadgets. We’re so ready for tonight’s reveal of the foldable phone and the anticipated and heavily leaked S10 line.

At the bottom of this article, you have the video that will stream in several hours on Samsung’s official YouTube channel. Now let’s check out the rebranding of Galaxy Apps that was spotted by XDA Developers.

Galaxy Apps Gets a New Name

The app store owned by Samsung which contains their apps was known as Galaxy Apps. However, just a day before the Samsung Unpacked Event, it got renamed, and you’ll now see it as Galaxy Store.

Major brands have their own store: we got Android’s Google Play Store, Apple’s iOS App Store, Xiaomi’s Mi App Store, and Samsung had the Galaxy Apps store for years. However, they changed the name, and thanks to Max Weinbach, we get to see the app changing its name. Here’s the proof:

If you own a Samsung device, you can check the app. It seems that it was updated even to users that still haven’t received Android Pie.

The app now has a One UI design, but the renaming could mean more than that, adds XDA’s Doug Lynch who suggests the app might evolve or extend as a whole. We will have to wait and see if Samsung announces something tonight about this.

When to Watch Samsung Unpacked?

And talking about the event, you can watch it from here, at the following hours (according to your time zone): 11a.m. PST, 12p.m. MST, 1p.m. CST, 2p.m. EST, 7p.m. GMT.

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