Clash of Clans Next Big Update Brings Quality of Life Changes and a Lot More

It’s been a while since Clash of Clans hasn’t been updated, but players have been busy with events over the weekends, the clan games and probably getting ready for the Clash of Clans World Championship by ESL that has a 1 million USD prize pool.

Meanwhile, the Clash of Clans team has been working on a big update. So far, they have only shared some quality of life improvements, but the team said in the blog post that the update would contain a lot more than that:

More details regarding what’s new will be coming in the future, but before we start discussing what the core of the update will be, as we’ve done in the past, we wanted to share a growing list of Quality of Life improvements that will be coming in the next release.

As for the list of improvements, we will see the following things get tweaked: Traps and Defenses, Magic Items, Clans, Builder Suggestions. The team also added that they would add more quality of life improvements and talk about them before the release. Moreover, they’re asking feedback from players, so check out the CoC subreddit.

Let’s take a look at the improvements mentioned above.

Quality of Life Changes in Next Clash of Clans Update

Traps and Defenses – X-Bows, Inferno Towers and the Eagle Artillery will reload for free once you re-log in the game. If you do not re-log, they won’t be reloaded automatically, and you will run out of ammo.

The Magic Item inventory button will be moved in the Town Hall/Builder Hall so that the Clan Castle interface gets a little less cluttered. Moreover, it will also let players see inventory in Builder Base.

Clan leaders and co-leaders can now delete donated troops from the Clan Members’ War Clan Castles when someone has accidentally made a donation.

Builder Suggestions gets better and smarter so that you can scroll through all the possible buildings.

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