Brawl Stars Maintenance: Popcorn Rico Minor Bug

Update: Maintenance break is over. To connect to the game, exit and enter again!

One of the most popular Supercell games, Brawl Stars, is now in maintenance after introducing Popcorn Rico skin which, let’s face it, look great with that bow tie!

Apart from being a dashing gentleman shooting you with popcorn – definitely caramel flavored – he’s also up for grabs at a special offer. And if you were wondering why you don’t get to see the offer, that’s because a minor bug prevents players to see the price.

Spotted by a few Reddit users and confirmed by the Official Brawlstars account, we learn that Popcorn Rico is priced at an offer of 109 gems and that when the offer ends, it will be available at 150 gems:


Is he on special like the new skins usually are or is 109 gems his final price?


Yes he is! Minor bug causing the normal price to not display. Once the offer ends he will be priced at 150 Gems

Meanwhile, players are commenting on the Reddit thread, theorizing that the Popcorn Rico skin was released to match the incoming Oscars, just like Football Bull was released for Super Bowl, Serenade Poco for Valentine’s Day and so on.

As for the special effects, the Star power will shoot popcorn.

The maintenance was announced on Twitter a few hours ago and it still on.

Meanwhile, many players are getting impatient, which is normal, considering it’s Friday evening in Europe and everyone has more time to play.

And let’s not forget about the panic caused by Gene’s bug last week – our coverage is here. Also, check back here for a last minute update on the maintenance.

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