Download Minecraft On All Platforms – iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

Minecraft remains one of the most popular games in history and it managed to grow a lot in the past years. One of the main reasons for its evolution is the fact that the game became available on almost all platforms. Fans are able to play Minecraft on computers, phones and consoles. Today we are going to tell you how you can install Minecraft on each platform.

Download Minecraft on mobile phones

If you want to play Minecraft on your smartphone you need download Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you have an iOS device head over to the App Store, and if you have an Android go to the Google Play Store. The Pocked Edition of Minecraft costs $7.

Download Minecraft on Mac and PC

If you want to play Minecraft on your computer, you just have to head over to the official Minecraft website. Once you are there you will find a button that will allow you to purchase the game. You will need to create a Mojang account and then pay $26.25 in order to get the game.

Download Minecraft on PlayStation

It is incredibly easy to get the game on your PlayStation 4. All you need to do is head over to the PlayStation Store and then find the game. Purchase it and you will be able to play it. There are also physical copies of the game that you can purchase.

Download Minecraft on Xbox

In order to get Minecraft on your Xbox console you just need to open the Xbox Marketplace on your Xbox system and then search for Minecraft with the help of the search bar. Once you find it you can purchase it. It is also possible to find physical copies of this game and they are available at all major retailers.

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