Xender vs. AirDroid: Which One Should You Choose in Terms of Size and User Interface

Sometimes it might be difficult to transfer your data from one phone to a PC. There are many ways to do it. Some use a cable; some use the cloud storage services. We usually use a file sharing service, such as AirDroid or Xender. They’re free, and they work on any platform. Also, they use no data, and the speed of the transfer is faster than one of Bluetooh. The apps create a Wi-Fi hotspot on one device on which other devices could join, too.

We’re here to help you choose between AirDroid and Xender.

The size of the apps

The AirDroid iOS service has about 58MB, and Xender comes with 70MB. However, keep in mind that Xender’s size could vary from device to device.

Available for more platforms

Both of these apps are available for every huge platform. In this list, you’ll find Android and iOS, also Windows and macOS, and Web.

The user interface

Xender comes with a bottom navigation bar, that allows users to search through their media files. Its user interface is quite nice, easy to use, and it matches some other iOS apps. You don’t need to give your email information in order to use the app – you just get there and start using it.

You’ll be able to choose where to go: music, videos, photos, and files. Keep in mind that the app supports files from the iCloud. You can also add other storage services, like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

When it comes to AirDroid, you will need an account to use the service. The start screen asks you to join their community. The user interface is a standard one.




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