Apple Might Have to Learn a Bit from Samsung: What Samsung Has That Apple Doesn’t

We know Samsung, and we know Apple, and we also know that iPhone might have a thing or two to learn from Samsung.

We’ve written this article to tell you what are the main things that we should see in Apple, that actually come from Samsung.

We’ve heard that some of the things from Samsung are rumored to appear in iPhone 11, such as bilateral inductive charging so that you could charge more than just your phone. Also, ultra-wide angle lens that could make zooming easier than ever, and the AR part.

But Samsung comes with many more things that could be useful on Apple.

The fingerprint sensor

The in-display fingerprint scanner was quite awful. Samsung did it right with the ultra-sonic 3D sensor that’s even safer and also faster. However, only one spot might not be enough for us: we want the entire screen to be able to read our fingerprints. Also, checking out voice ID could be more difficult than just this.

Overall, we want to say that we want security more than anything. We know we’re asking for too much right now, but it’s definitely something to look for in the future.


We get why Apple won’t use USB-C on their phones. The same team that made Lightning also helped in making USB-C. However, USB-C was not going to be ready for use in time for iPhone 5, so they went with Lightning. When USB-C was ready, it was confusing and quite messy, and Lightning was the refugee of hundreds of millions of people.

We think we all need USB-C for our phones.


We’ve seen Apple doing a really good job with the colors on iPhone for XR, but we gotta ask: what happened with XS? They added the gold option, next to white and grey, and we might also get red. But that’s..all? Not even black?

Samsung has yellow and coral and black!

There are some rumors that we’re going to get a frosted glass. We don’t really know how that might look like; we have to wait. But we will get very happy if that means something different than the usual.



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