Unc0ver v3.0.0 Beta: It Comes with Support for Jailbreaking from iOS 12.0 to iOS 12.1.2

A new version of unc0ver v3.0.0 has been released, and we know that it comes with support for jailbreaking operating systems from iOS 12.0 – iOS 12.1.2, only for A8X – A11 devices.

Here are some important things you need to keep in mind before starting to jailbreak your device:

First of all, you might harm your device, so make sure you have another one with you – it is better to jailbreak it and keep safe your everyday phone.

You need to delete the OTA file from Settings, from Storage – if there is one – and then reboot it before you try to jailbreak it, in order to avoid a possible boot loop. It is considered safe to try this only if you do not have the OTA file.

This version has Cydia and Substrate support for iOS 12, only for those devices above. This actually means that both Tweaks and Cydia work perfectly.

Keep in mind that some reports might not work with Cydia or APT, because of a bug in Apple’s code on iOS 12.

You may still be able to restore or downgrade your device to iOS 12.1.1~b3 in order to use this jailbreak, even if you are already on iOS 12.1.3 or above.

If you get stuck at “Extracting Cydia…”, you will need to reboot the device and try again to jailbreak it.

Make sure you always download things from safe sources. If you want to download the latest beta of unc0ver v3.0.0, you will only need to do it safely. And do not forget about the OTA file!

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