Anthem: The Game Will Come with 4K and HDR for Xbox One X

On Friday, Anthem was released, and, even if the critics don’t think big of it, due to the performance or the content, we know for sure that it looks amazing. According to the new updates, it seems that the game will also run on Xbox One X, and will come with 4K resolution with HDR.

With all these in mind, Bioware’s Head of Technology who’s name is Scott Neumann has confirmed that some further developments will also take place, and the players will be able to see the increased resolution for the shadow rendering, and also improvements when it comes to the terrain from the game.

The team behind the game has tried to control the power of Xbox One X in order to give improved graphics to all of their players.

New improvements with the shadows and the terrain

The console added GPU power, and that allowed Anthem to get to the native 4K with HDR. To make the most out of the increased image quality of 4K, the team has also increased the resolution of the shadows in the game and the terrain.

What’s the company’s plan?

The Xbox One X version also allowed them to increase the number of textures and meshes that appear in the view of the player. Neumann said that it’s important for BioWare to make the most out of technology in order to develop the way players interact with the worlds and the stories. Having the game with 4K and HDR is really a very important thing for them in order to succeed in their plans.

4K allows the players to see all the details from the game, and HDR allows the players to see the world with their vibrant colors. Both of them are crucial for the experience of the user.

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