Anthem Updated Would Roll Out Next Week With Critical Fixes

Anthem is either considered total oblivion or a cause that needs more time, but to BioWare’s credit, they are trying to fix the issues as fast as possible. The developers…

Anthem: The Game Will Come with 4K and HDR for Xbox One X

On Friday, Anthem was released, and, even if the critics don’t think big of it, due to the performance or the content, we know for sure that it looks amazing….

Anthem Demo Was More Successful Than BioWare and EA Expected

Anthem demo rolled out throughout the past weekend, and it has been more successful than both BioWare (the games studio behind Anthem) and EA (Electronic Arts – the game’s publisher)….

Crackdown 3, Metro Exodus, and Anthem Are The Most Sought-After Games That Will Launch This Month

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Is Microsoft Really Working On 4 Types of Consoles?

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Anthem: EA Announces The Start Date For Bioware’s Demo

Great news for those that cannot wait for Anthem! The highly anticipated game now has a start date for VIP and public players when they can try out the demo….