Is Microsoft Really Working On 4 Types of Consoles?

Many rumors are surrounding Microsoft and their work on future consoles, but there’s one thing we know to be true: Microsoft has mentioned that they are working on traditional machines that use a disc and also on machines that only stream. They have different codenames: Scarlett, Anthem, Anaconda.

But Thurrott, the website that gathers all the rumors around the new Xbox consoles, said that Microsoft is working on four consoles. According to Thurrott’s Brad Sams, Scarlett is an umbrella codename for the next generation Xbox consoles and not just one console.

Two Scarlett Consoles: Anaconda and Lockhart

Brad Sams says that Microsoft is working on two Scarlett consoles that use discs – one of them is the equivalent of a next-generation Xbox One X – and called Anaconda. The second traditional console will be Lockhart, which is the future Xbox One S. Both Lockhart and Anaconda should be launched in 2020.


Now here is the console that is not part of the Scarlett line. It is called Maverick, and it will be a streaming-only console which won’t come with a disc. The great news about it is that it should be released this Spring – but plans can also change.

And the fourth console that will also come in 2019 will be a revised Xbox One S in which manufacturing costs should be reduced. The console will focus more on xCloud streaming, but will also come with a disc drive.


Microsoft is also working on a new development platform under the name GameCore which will allow Xbox game creation to be easier and faster. Developers will have it a lot easier with this platform.

As with all rumors, do not forget to take them with a grain of salt. Until we get excited over the new platforms from Microsoft, we should wait for this spring or perhaps summer (depending on how production goes) and see Maverick, the disc-less console.

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