Nokia 9 PureView: Everything We Know About Its Specs

The new smartphones seem to bring more and more cameras in the picture. This week, at Mobile World Congress, all the attention went to Nokia 9 PureView, which comes with six cameras, one on the front, and five on the back. Samsung first came up with its four cameras last year for Samsung Galaxy A7. S10 has five cameras.

Nokia 9 PureView has cameras of 12-megapixel, and they come with Zeiss Optics on the back. The arrangement is good. Two of the cameras gave RGB color sensors, and they are able to capture the vibrant colors, while the other three are monochrome and focus more on details. Another one is the flash of the family.

How’s the process of “taking photos” with Nokia 9 PureView?

Once the cameras have taken a photo, the smartphone intertwine their views together and transform it into one photo of 12 MP, which Nokia says it does have a high dynamic range. Users can then use Google Photos to adjust the focus, or others, with more experience, could edit the photo with Adobe Lightroom.

Other specs of Nokia 9 PureView

The front camera comes with 20 MP. The screen is of 5.99-inch, and it’s an OLED display that comes with 2K resolution. The phone can be unlocked with the fingerprint sensor, that’s under the display, or with face scan. It came with a battery worth of 3,320 mAh, and the processor is Snapdragon 845, with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage space. It has a USB-C port for charging, and it’s also compatible with headphones. However, keep in mind that it does come with the possibility to charge it wirelessly.

What’s the price of Nokia 9 PureView?

According to some sources, the Nokia 9 PureView smartphone will have the price of $699 and, as we already heard, it’s already shipping.

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