Brawl Stars Maintenance: Nerfs and Buffs at the End of February

Update: Brawl Stars on Android is Now FIXED!

Check out the changes below.

The game is currently in maintenance for a few fixes – wrote Brawl Stars on Twitter a couple of hours:

We’ll have a short maintenance break to fix an error occurring with Starter Packs in the Shop. We’re also aware that some Android users are experiencing a crash on startup and we will release an Optional Update to fix ASAP!


Brawl Stars Balance Changes

We now got time to learn more about the balance changes and the new stuff coming to the game starting today!

As you have probably noticed on the Brawl Stars Twitter page, Blog and Subreddit, the Brawl Stars team has been quite busy in the past weeks, working on a huge update. You can read <<HERE>> all the details about the new SUPER RARE BRAWLER CARL, the NEW GAME MODE, and how they all work.

In this article, we will focus on gathering all the game balance update regarding Brawler buffs and nerfs, balance in game modes, new visual effects or sounds and quality of life improvements.

According to the team, the game balance focuses not just on game modes, but also on Brawlers:

    Heist – Increased Safe health from 36000 to 40000

Robo Rumble – After robots enrage in Robo Rumble, they will target the safe

Showdown – Healing Mushrooms: Decreased the amount of healing mushrooms in the later part of the game

Increased Brawler item (Gems, Energy Drinks, etc) pick-up radius from 1 tile to 1.33 tiles

Now let’s check out the Brawler Balance Changes.


Barley, Bo, and Crow got buffed, Gene and Leon are giving us some mixed feelings, Mortis, Pam and Darryl are getting nerfed a bit:

Barley – main attack damage/second increased from 640 to 680, Super damage/second increased from 640 to 680

Bo – main attack damage increased from 480 to 500

Gene – Star Power healing increased from 100 to 200 per second; Super projectile size increased from 150 to 200. Super deals no damage now, but it can travel through walls and charges 30% faster. Enemies will no longer see Gene’s Star Power healing effect.

Crow’s main attack reload time decreased from 1.5s to 1.4s

Leon – main attack damage decreased (close range) from 460 to 440, but shuriken hits increased in close range from 8 to 9 to charge the Super.

Mortis – Star power healing decreased from 1800 to 1400 (but he’s getting a new skin).

Pam’s main attack reload time increased from 1.2s to 1.3s.

Darryl – Super auto charging time increased from 20 to 30 seconds.

Pam, Barley, Penny, Mortis and Royal Agent Colt are getting new visual effects, and Gene gets a voice over. You’ll also notice a Clash Royale Birthday menu music.

Quality of Life Improvements

You can now sort Brawlers in the menu when you’re selecting one. There’s a DND mode to mute game invites while in a session – you’ll find it in the social menu.

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