Brawl Stars New Brawler and Game Mode Incoming

A huge announcement has been made today on the Brawl Stars Reddit page and blog. They have just announced a new brawler named Carl, a new game mode, a new skin and a lot more things we look further to break down for you.

There’s also a balance update coming today which you must read as soon as possible HERE since right now the game is in maintenance, says Ryan from Supercell:

The Brawl Stars Update

A new Super Rare Brawler named Carl will be making its way into the game in March, writes the Brawl Stars team, revealing its powers:

    Main attack: Pickaxe

  •         Carl has only one ammo slot which is instantly recharged after his Pickaxe returns
  •         Pickaxe returns to Carl after reaching max distance or after hitting a wall
  •         Pickaxe pierces through enemies
  •         Kicking the ball in Brawl Ball does not consume ammo with Carl

Super attack: Tailspin

  •         Carl increases his speed and starts to whirl his Pickaxe in a 360 degree radius damaging everyone around him

Star Power: Power Throw

  •         Pickaxe flight speed is increased allowing it to travel and return faster


There’s also a new game mode called Siege, which is a 3v3 where each team must defend its home base with a cannon and destroy the enemy base. The middle of the map will also spawn “Bolts” that must be collected to construct a robot – called Robo – during a specific period in the game, and then help Robo to push toward the enemy base.

The game mode will last considerably more, so it will reward players with DOUBLE the trophies, rewards, and XP.

We will also see three new maps for this game mode, 4 new maps for Showdown, 7 new maps for Gem Grab, and one new map for Brawl ball.

There are also new event rotations:

  •     Showdown moved exclusively to the 2nd slot, some of the maps have active modifiers
  •     Siege added to the 4th slot
  •     Rotation adjusted to include the new maps and Siege

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