Fortnite Might Finally Receive A Respawn Feature From Epic Games

The addition of the Battle Royale mode transformed Fortnite from an innovative co-op game into a worldwide phenomenon with millions of players each day. Fortnite has established itself as a juggernaut, stealing the crown from Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. Now, Epic Games considers adding a respawn feature to Fortnite.

The fact that is free-to-play has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity since any prospective players can get into the game without the need to spend a dime. It’s a significant attraction factor since those that conclude that the game is not for them are less likely to bash it because they don’t have the feeling that they bought a bad game.

Epic Games kept the game fresh by adding a constant stream of content in the form of seven seasons, with season eight currently underway. As seasons come and go lots of things change in Fortnite. New and exciting weapons are added in each update, while old or over-powered ones are removed (or vaulted as Epic Games likes to say). Unlike PUBG which currently offers four distinct maps, Fortnite only has one, but the developers are hard at work and keep it fresh with each update. When they decided to revamp one of the first zones a comet fell from the sky and dramatically altered that area of the map.

Epic Games Might Add A Respawn Feature To Fortnite Battle Royale Soon

Fortnite may be great, but no king rules forever and new contents have entered the scene. Apex Legends is a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre, pitting teams of three players against other teams in a map which is rife with verticality and sweet sniping nests.

Players can pick their favorite from six characters, each with their unique abilities that can change the tides of a confrontation.

The game also features a respawn feature that is quite popular, and it seems that Epic Games considers adding one in Fortnite, too, at some point in the future. Epic Games has declared that they have been thinking about respawning in Fortnite for a while, but it remains to be seen how it can be implemented in a non-disruptive way.

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