New iOS 13 Concept to Come with a Wireless Mouse for iPad

Leo Vallet is the name of the designer of a fresh out of the box iOS 13 concepts. It’s safe to say that it comes with a lot of interesting things for Apple. We’re talking about real possibilities for the next iOS release, and it includes support for an external display and a wireless mouse for the iPad that has the AirPods kind of style pairing. It also comes with a much clear volume control UI, multitasking when it comes to the control center and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We find this idea very interesting

What’s new about this iOS 13 concepts?

According to some sources, the concept talks about a brand new, redesigned volume UI, which is placed beside the buttons of the volume and, it definitely shows a much clear experience. The Control Center has also been changed, and it got merged with the multitasker of iOS – which can be brought up with a swipe from the bottom (we’re talking about the X series iPhones).

The iOS 13 to come with a wireless mouse for iPad

The designer of this model has also imagined a W3 chip, which is a wireless mouse for iPad that has AirPods-style pairing, and native support in order to use the iPad as the external display together with a Mac.

Of course, we couldn’t forget about the Dark Mode, that’s supposed to maximize the battery life of the iPhone, to improve the handoff features and to bring many other improvements to the overall experience of the user.

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