Samsung Galaxy Fold, World’s First Folding Smartphone, Entirely Revealed In A Short Official Video

The primary topic at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, seems to be foldable phones because many companies, including Samsung, are showing them off there. Now, an official video of the Galaxy Fold, the world’s first folding smartphone, has been released by the company letting us look in a more detailed way at the device.

The video is a little longer than four minutes, and nobody talks in it. The only sounds in the video are ambient ones and the ones the phone makes when it is folding and unfolding. In conclusion, the video slowly shows the phone in its all color variants and how apps work on the display that measures 7.3 inches when unfolded.

Samsung Galaxy Fold – Specifications

When the phone is folded its display measures 4.6 inches. When you open it, it turns into a tablet that measures 7.3 inches. According to Samsung, inside the case of the smartphone, they hid a sophisticated hinge to make everything work smoothly. The Galaxy Fold can multitask three apps when it is in tablet mode.

Furthermore, it also comes with the App Continuity, a new feature that allows the user to continue their activity on an app while unfolding and folding the phone. In the beginning, only Youtube and WhatsApp will support the folding screen, but after the release, there will be more coming.

The Galaxy Fold is equipped with 12GB of RAM, a 7nm chipset, and 512GB of UFS 3.0 storage. That is not everything. If you get this phone, you will also have the advantage of a longer, more powerful battery life thanks to the two batteries delivering the equivalent of 4,380 mAh. The location of the fingerprint scanner is on the side of the device.

The phone is supposed to be more like a luxurious product, so it is priced at $1,980.

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