Windows 10 to Allow You to Play Xbox One Games on Your PC

We all wanted to be able to play all of our favorite games from Xbox One on our PCs. This could happen very soon, due to the fact that Microsoft is currently working on native support for Xbox One Games for Windows 10.

It’s true, Microsoft didn’t say anything officially about this, but it is hidden in the Windows Insider build 18334, which is a beta version of the Windows 10 April 2019 update.

Microsoft gives out the State of Decay for free with Windows 10

According to some sources, Microsoft is offering the game State of Decay totally for free in this version of Windows, so all the beta testers could try to download and install this mechanism for all the Xbox games.

A source found out that it is now downloaded from the Microsoft Store, but rather it is pulled from This is definitely something new, due to the fact that most of the Xbox Games are ported to the PC by using Xbox Play, and coming from the server.

The format of the game is.XVC with Windows 10

Moreover, once the installer files are entirely extracted after the download, the format is set to be.XVC. This one is used for Xbox One; however, in this beta version, it can also be installed through the Windows Powershell, which is the task automation and the configuration management framework in Windows 10. Together with the file, there’s also Direct X, which usually only shows up when the games and the software are installed.

With all of this in mind, we can say that the game State of Decay is being tested as being more than just a PC port, but an entire Xbox One version.

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