Nintendo Switch: What Should We Expect from the Next Variant

We cannot already get a new console from Nintendo. It’s only been two years since Switch has met the light of the day and it seems that we’re getting a second version of this console in 2019. We had first heard of this in 2018, but at that moment, the company chose to stay silent. The specs of this new version were still debatable at that time, and it wasn’t still clear what would happen to the new version. It may come with a larger battery, or maybe a better screen, or some improved Joy-Con controllers.

Together with the new version, it is expected that the price will also lower for the existing Switch, or, that a lite version of the Switch will come together with the new version.

We all know that Microsoft and Nintendo had worked together a very long time when it came to gaming. Minecraft can be played on both Nintendo’s Switch and Microsoft’s Xbox One.

Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass for Nintendo Switch

Microsoft comes with Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, and both of these devices will go for Nintendo Switch. Xbox Live was confirmed by Microsoft. However, the other one is still a rumor, as multiple sources say. Each of the services will offer their benefits to Nintendo Switch owners.

Xbox Live will come together with many benefits that we find in Microsoft’s online services, from friend lists to messages and matchmaking. There is a variant of Xbox Live in the Nintendo Switch, and that’s cross-play games.

Xbox Game Pass kind of reminds us of Netflix, it has a full library, that also includes Microsoft and numerous third-party content. To make a long story short, Xbox Game Pass might come with Xbox One games for Nintendo Switch, probably through Microsoft’s Project xCloud streaming service.


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