How Foldable Phones Will Make Our Lives Easier

We’re seeing great improvements in the world, and we’re one step closer to greatness: folding displays. Foldable phones have been here for some time, in the form of patents, or prototypes, or simply rumors. Samsung had talked about the progress of the company when it came to foldable displays. It seems that 2019 is our year.

ZTE has already come with one product in this category: Axon M. The new phones are expected to come with a single screen, that’s also flexible. These devices will come with various forms. However, the first version will come with an outward folding display, and it could wrap around the front and back, and not face each other inside, like the pages of a book.

There are new ways to interact

Smartphones are now even better; it has more RAM, better cameras and processors that are faster. The fingerprint scanner might be an exception, but other than that, it all made a difference.

The display worth of 4K will look fancier than the HD display, that’s true. However, the core function is literally the same. However, when a second camera made its appearance, we had more opportunities, such as face-to-face video calls. Let’s not even mention selfies.

All the flexible screens could easily be transformed into 2 displays. And the dual-monitor setups are very good in the computing world. Many people depend on them. When it comes to folding phones, we’re also talking about multitasking. The multitasking menu from Android became popular because you are able to access all your previous apps quickly, but with this, you could pin your most used app to one of your screens. Now, imagine that in a full-sized mode.

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