Dissidia Final Fantasy NT: We’re Getting a Free Edition for Both Steam & PS4

Square Enix has revealed that there’s another version of the action spin-off of the Final Fantasy universe, that’s called Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. It is a free version of the original, and is set to be launched for PlayStation 4 and Steam sooner than we expected. The release date is on the 12th of March.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was released in 2015 and it’s been a huge deal at the Japanese arcades ever since then. The Western audiences had to wait for a bit until the PlayStation 4 version – about three years – until 2018. However, that wasn’t the last thing that came from Square Enix. Last year, they came with a free version of a dubbed Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition, that made its appearance on the Japanese PS4 systems. But all is about the come to an end, with the Free Edition that’s about to hit the market outside of Japan.

Naturally, we expected to see the PS4 release, but we’ve also heard that PC users will be able to play this spin-off for the first time. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will also come to Steam on the same day – the 12th of March.

Free Edition: what’s with that?

Basically, players will be able to try some of the limited sets of characters from the full game in online tag-team battles. These players will be able to play the game against those players that are owners of the full game. If they really like a character, they can either buy it, or get all the content – buy the Standard Edition. This means that players will get all the 28 of the characters, and also the Story Mode.

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