iPad Pro 2019 Rumors and Leaks – Everything We Know So Far

The latest version of the iPad Pro was released less than a year ago, but dedicated fans are already looking forward to the next iteration of their favorite device. There are many iPad Pro 2019 rumors and leaks, so here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming Apple’s tablet.

iPad Pro 2019 release date

Some sources claim that the next iPad Pro 2019 will be released during late spring or early summer. Recent surveys suggest that most users won’t upgrade to the latest model as soon as it is released and Apple may take its time to make the device more appealing for the general public. So, we might get the new iPad Pro 2019 during fall 2019, just like it happened with iPad Pro 2018.

How much would it cost?

With each new model of an Apple device, the company tends to make the newer product more expensive. That is not always the case since there are some exceptions. Most analysts believe that the new iPad Pro 2019 model will be sold for the same price as its predecessor. If Apple decides to make 128GB of built-in storage space the new standard, then the cost could be more significant in comparison to the current 64GB models.

Possible features of iPad Pro 2019

Many voices argue that the display of the device could be bumped to a bigger size if the upper and lower bezels will be trimmed down or eradicated. The overall design of the tablet should remain loyal to the 2018 version. It is possible that Apple may decide to add an in-display fingerprint sensor to satisfy the fans of the popular Touch ID. A powerful A13 processor and more RAM would be a welcome addition to iPad Pro 2019, but the internal hardware specifications aren’t known at this point.

Smile for the cameras

The cameras featured on the iPad models are pretty weak since it is unlikely that a user will use the device to take photos. It would be nice if Apple brought back the optical image stabilization feature along with a dual camera setup to iPad Pro 2019.

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