Microsoft Wants to Release a Lite Version of Windows 10: Is This the Beginning of a New Generation of Dual-Screen?

Microsoft is currently developing a new version of Windows 10, that could also launch this year, according to The Verge. Tom Warren from The Verge stated that he knows Microsoft plans and that the new operating system, is designed for dual-screen PC devices. It also has a codename: Windows Lite.

With all this in mind, Microsoft wants to design the operating system for the new generation of devices that are made to compete with the platform of Google’s Chromebook.

A dual screen laptop in works?

Some reports have shown that Microsoft was actually developing a dual-screen laptop, that has the codename “Centarus”. The report also said that Microsoft could also be developing a Windows Lite laptop, that has the codename “Pegasus.”

Other manufacturers of PCs could release hardware with Windows Lite this year. The company has already made a new Composable Shell (C-Shell) and Windows Core OS in order to make the operating system work. This new Windows Core OS already met the light of the day in devices like HoloLens 2.

What’s wrong with the user interface?

There are many people out there who mock the user interface of the operating system, and this has happened for months now. According to some sources, they are a bit right, but things can always change before launch. In its current state, the interface of Windows Lite is the same with that of Windows 10, and also has elements from Microsoft’s Surface Hub and Windows Phone Continuum UI.

Microsoft probably wants to announce Windows Lite at its next Build developer conference in May. However, we’re not sure what the operating system will be called when it will meet its first launch.

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