Folding Smartphones Could Come With Corning Gorilla Glass In The Future

According to the latest information, the Gorilla Glass manufacturer, Corning, is currently working on a particular type of glass that could be used for folding smartphone displays. This material would be more durable and have higher resilience than the plastic polymers presently used for creating foldable phones.

Several years ago nobody would think that we could ever see folding smartphones. Today, amazing developers have written a new page in the history of technology and worldwide development. Foldable phones became a reality, and some of us even had the chance to use them. Everybody is still amazed about this wonder of modern technique, but there is always room for improvement.

Corning Gorilla Glass for future folding smartphones is currently under development

Reliable sources claim that Corning, the famous Gorilla Glass manufacturer, is trying to create an ultrathin, bendable type of glass that has the thickness of 0.1 millimeters and the capacity to bend up to a 5-millimeter radius.

The production could take some time, so they estimate that the particular material could be used for making foldable smartphone displays in approximately two years. Corning promises to deliver a top-notch Gorilla Glass product, and it couldn’t be otherwise, considering their successful portfolio.

The same company produced the Gorilla Glass used for Apple’s iPhones, but the Cupertino-based company is not their only famous partner. Corning also worked on smartphones produced by manufacturers like LG, Samsung, Asus, Nokia, OnePlus, and many more. Now, maybe you are wondering how a glass display will improve the top-notch technology used for making a foldable smartphone. The answer is simple – the ultrathin glass material that Corning is working on for the Gorilla Glass solution for future folding smartphones.

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