AirPods Vs. Galaxy Buds – Which Are Better?

With the recent release of the new Galaxy S10 range, Samsung has also unveiled a new adversary for the popular AirPods, the Galaxy Buds.

The Galaxy Buds seem to be a worthy contender, arriving in a stylish magnetic case which can also charge them on the go and seamless integration with select Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The price is also a bit more affordable, at 130 dollars or 159 pounds.

Below you can find an in-depth comparison which should be able to help you choose the right product for your needs.

The looks

It’s easy to spot someone who uses the AirPods due to their design. The cylinders which come down on the ear lobe are a clear hint. The Galaxy Buds are a bit bigger and are more visible on the ear, but they are quite comfortable. Users are also able to swap several wingtips until they find the one which fits the best. Prospective buyers can choose between black, white or yellow Galaxy Buds while the AirPods are limited to white.

Show me your tricks

Both products can pair automatically with nearby devices from their ecosystem when the case is opened. During the first use, you will have to tap on the connect button to match them. They also work with other devices which use Bluetooth, but you will have to pair them by using the Bluetooth settings menu manually.

Upon pairing, users can use them to listen to music (or other media), take calls or use a voice assistant (Bixby or Siri). The AirPods controls can be personalized with the help of the Bluetooth settings menu on the iPhone. Users can pick between play and pause, skip forward, previous track and summon Siri.

Samsung users can customize the Galaxy Buds feature by using the Galaxy Wear app. The buds offer a more significant number of features, including the ability to increase or decrease ambient noise and sound quality. Users are also able to control the volume from the buds.

That sounds good

The Galaxy Buds are the clear winner here, offering a superior experience. The design of the buds blocks ambient sound, allowing users to listen to their favorite music without the need to set the volume too high. The AirPods sound great, but the quality is noticeably weaker in comparison to the Galaxy Buds.

Trial of time

When it comes to the battery, the Galaxy Buds offer seven hours of continuous playback while the AirPods last for five. Wireless charging is a big advantage for the Galaxy Buds since you can use one of the S10 models to charge them on the spot.

AirPods Vs. Galaxy Buds – And the winner is…

Overall the Galaxy Buds are the better product, offering a higher number of features and better customization at a lower price than Apple’s AirPods.

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