Android Q Beta: How to Make It Better Through the Feedback App

Those of you who want to install the beta version, probably already have the Pixels ready, and you’re just waiting for an announcement from Google. It seems that the company is planning to release a dedicated app that will help them get feedback from those who want to install the beta. The app will be called Android Beta Feedback, and you might want to use it to report bugs, talk about preferred feature requests, or simply write notes to the Android team.

The app is called Feedback

After you get your Q beta, you’ll find an app in your drawer, that’s called Feedback. However, keep in mind that it will only be available on the entire testing period. This means that, once the stable Android Q is released, the app will not appear anymore.

Why is the feedback important to the team?

In the app, you have three options: report and issue, feature request and other feedback. Keep in mind that when you report an issue, everyone will be able to see it. This is why Google asks you to make sure that it’s not something that you found in Android Pie because the team doesn’t need to get the bugs mixed up. The team will carefully read all your feedback, and maybe they will take into account some of your ideas for the final product, or, why not, for future ones.

So there’s this app, but you can also submit feedback through the Android Beta tile from your Quick Settings, or the “Send feedback” option in Settings.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that not only Pixels will be eligible for the Android Q beta, so other phones that want to join will have to follow the same path.

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