Samsung Galaxy S10e Vs. iPhone XR – Which Is The Best Budget Smartphone?

When it comes to the smartphone industry, we have giant companies like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei. Out of these three manufacturers, Apple and Samsung are in direct competition, each of them trying to come up with some novelties that would put the other in shadow. When talking about the latest releases of the two companies, we cannot ignore Samsung Galaxy S10e and iPhone XR, the two budget smartphones released by Samsung and, respectively, by Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S10e Vs. iPhone XR – Which Is The Best Budget Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S10e comes with an excellent display

Even though you might have expected a super-sharp Quad HD display to equip the Galaxy S10e, instead of that, it sports the colorful and really bright Infinity Screen that Samsung manufactures. There is also a tiny cut-out on the screen for the camera, but otherwise, the display covers the entire face of the device.

Compared to the Galaxy S10e’s popping colors, the iPhone XR provides some dull colors. That is observable when you watch movies on your device.

iPhone XR pales before Samsung Galaxy S10e when it comes to cameras

Usually, the more expensive models from Samsung are equipped with most of the cameras. However, in the budget version of the Samsung Galaxy S10, there is still a super wide-angle lens. Unfortunately, the front-facing portrait-mode and the 2X optical zoom cameras are not included. Although this seems like a big difference, people are not affected by it.

In comparison, iPhone XR boasts only one camera on the back, which pales before the dual-camera setup on Galaxy S10e.

The fingerprint reader – as fast as the light on Samsung Galaxy S10e

The Galaxy S10 Plus and the standard Galaxy S10 have a fingerprint reader under the screen, while the Samsung Galaxy S10e does not. However, the sensor is even faster on S10e because it is mounted into the power button. If you want to unlock your phone, you only need to touch the button compared to the in-screen reader that can be a little laggy sometimes. If you are holding your phone with one hand, it is even easier to unlock it, as the reader is on the side of the phone.

On the other hand, iPhone XR has the advantage offered by Face ID. On this point, iPhone XR is superior to Galaxy S10e.

Great battery life for S10e

Most people consider the battery of their phones are good enough if it gets them through a work day. The same thing happens with the Samsung Galaxy S10e. In addition to that, you can wirelessly charge other devices using your phone such as the Galaxy Buds from Samsung. All you need to do is to place them on the rear of the phone.


Which is the best budget smartphone between Samsung Galaxy S10e and iPhone XR? The answer is obvious – Samsung Galaxy S10e. It comes with some brilliant feature in comparison with the iPhone XR, plus that it sports better cameras, more than twice as much RAM, and excellent display.

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