Windows 10 Will Automatically Recover from Failed Updates

Many people hate the automatic updates from Microsoft, for Windows 10. Everyone has to deal with them. To deal with them, before you start complaining to your friends, you might need to know that Microsoft has added a new way in which Windows 10 could uninstall any update that led to a failed startup.

Also, it could delay reinstalling the updates for about 30 days, in order to give Microsoft some time to find the problem and fix the issue, before they try to install it again. All the relevant updates come with drivers, changes for the system files, hotfixes, and many new features. On Monday, Microsoft has issued a support note and talked about this new thing, in case you have to deal with it.

So why were the recent installed updated deleted?

Windows automatically installs updates in order to keep your device secured and efficient. On some occasions, these updates will fail, because of the issues in the new software, or simply due to incompatibility.

You know that your device has recovered from a failed startup when you see this notification: “We removed some recently installed updates to recover your device from a startup failure.” If Windows is able to detect this, then it will try to solve all the problems, by uninstalling the updates that caused it. However, this will only be done when all the automatic attempts of recovery have failed, too.

To make sure that your device will start up and continue to run as you expect it to, Windows will also prevent the updates that come with problems from installing automatically for the next month. That should be enough time for Microsoft to work things out and then try to re-install the updates.

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