Brawl Stars, Very Popular in Its First Three Months on the Market, Reaching $150m

Supercell must be very happy with its game, Brawl Stars. It is a very popular game, and, also, very profitable for the company. It is another win for them, one that is worth of more than $150 million when it comes to players, since its first launch back in December. It has been said that the new game from Supercell passed 75 million devices, the thing that made its audience the biggest one in the USA.

Brawl Stars passed $100 million in revenue

According to Sensor Tower, the game made the most out of its audience in the first three months since it made its appearance on the app stores. It passed $100 million in revenue, on the day it celebrated its two-month anniversary. That’s a hell of a birthday gift!

It has been 90 days, and the game has been installed on 75 million devices. The US is the biggest audience the game has, with 8.7 million installs. Next in line is Brazil, with 7.7 million installs.

The US is the first in line when it comes to profit, South Korea second

We all know that the United States of America is the game’s most profitable promotion, keeping in mind the $33 million (22%) of all the player’s spending. South Korea is next in line, with the second highest amount of revenue, with $22.5 million – that’s 17% of the total spending.

Brawl Stars is Supercell’s new title that came after two years. It follows the success of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. According to some sources, it has reached $1.7 million on average for each day since its release.

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