Android Q Comes with the Dynamic Depth Format Feature for Photos

Android Q comes with its first beta version, and it has been already released. It comes with many new features and improvements in terms of security and software. The best feature of Android Q is the quality of the photos that are taken with the smartphones that are powered by Android. The feature comes with dynamic depth format for pictures that are similar to the Portrait Mode. This will be a standard Android Q feature.

The beta version of Android Q

We know that this version is still in the beta stage, so it might be a while until we get to see the system on all of our phones. But those of you who want to get your hands on the latest features, you might want to join the Project Treble beta program.

The best feature of Android Q

The new update, as said before, comes with dynamic depth format for photos. This means that all the pictures taken with the Android smartphones will be similar to those in Portrait mode. You can disable this feature anytime you want.

The Dynamic Depth image is made out of a JPEG, XMP metadata, that’s related to the depth elements, and a depth map that’s embedded in the same file from the devices that advertise support, as said by Google.

If you request a JPEG + Dynamic Depth image, it may be possible for you to get specialized blurs and bokeh options directly in your app. You can use the data to make 3D images, or support AR photos in the future.

They want to make Dynamic Depth an open format for the ecosystem, so they are working with their partners to make it available on all the devices that will get Android Q as soon as possible.

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