Xbox One App Allows Owners To Stream PC Games

A new app available for Xbox One allows console owners to stream their PC games. It works like Steam Link with the additional benefit that is not limited to games which are present in your Steam Library. An Xbox controller will be mandatory since the app is not compatible with the keyboard and mouse combo.

Ever since the first Xbox was released some people argued that consoles are nothing more than streamlined PCs and it seems that the differences are starting to disappear as new consoles are released. The ability to play a PC game could be useful for some users, but it is not clear if it will be very popular.

Most people settle for one gaming system, and it is likely that a hardcore PC gamer won’t have an Xbox One and vice versa. The list of exclusives is also pretty thin since Microsoft is focused on bringing its best game on both platforms users are now able to enjoy the benefits of the Xbox Game Pass. Those that wish to play the old Xbox 360 titles have to option to buy a cheap 360 and hook it directly to their TV.

Xbox One App Allows Owners To Stream PC Games

While the idea of streaming games may sound pretty good in theory, there are always some issues. Even when you are using a high-power connection, there is still the risk of encountering input lag, which can ruin your experience if you are playing a fast-paced game. The app is also able to stream videos, but protected content is not available.

The new Xbox One app uses Miracast to connect the two devices, and users can start the stream by pressing the Windows key and P at the same time. The app has been in beta for several months, and the name underwent some changes. At first, it was known as Connect on Windows.

Since Microsoft has recently added keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One, it is likely that the app will be able to offer the feature at some point in the future.

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