Android Q Will Arrive With Improved Navigation Gestures

Android Pie packed lots of exciting features, but some of the users were disappointed by the new gesture navigation interface. It looks like Google paid attention to the feedback as some sources claim that Android Q will arrive with a revamped gesture navigation system.

Android Q will come with enhanced navigation gestures

A member of the popular XDA Forums discovered a secret developer menu accessible on devices which are using the Pixel Launcher APK. The menu includes several options which can change how Android Q handles navigation gestures.

Some belied that the back button will be removed, but it is still present in the current version of the settings. The tweaks can improve the performance of gesture navigation while new animations make it more attractive. The new developer tweaks increase the speed of the transitions between screens when users swipe to the right. A new left swipe gesture will allow users to go to the previous task quickly.

Also, swiping up will open the home menu while swiping up and holding the finger will reveal the recent apps list. If you swipe down you, the notification panel will appear. At this point, we are unable to say if the new gestures will be used in the final version of Android Q.

Android Q most significant features

Here are some features that could make an appearance:

  • A dark mode – A system-wide dark mode is one of the most requested features, and it seems that Google will add functionality. Leaked screens have shown that the new mode looks great and some users are looking forward to it.
  • Better privacy features – Privacy has become a big focus for many companies and it Google is aiming to give users more freedom. Some sources claim that users will be able to change and customize a variety of features which will make their devices more secure.
  • Facial recognition – The addition of a facial recognition protocol would make many fans happy, but the implementation across several devices could be quite tricky.

It is likely that Google will release a stable version of Android Q in August.

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