Facebook Lite Beta Is Available To Download With Improvements

Facebook is the most critical social media app in the world at the moment. Everyone has a Facebook account, and the app has become one of the simplest ways of keeping in touch with your loved ones. A couple of years ago, Facebook launched Facebook Lite. Now, Facebook Lite Beta rolled out with bug fixes and improvements.

Just as the name suggests, Facebook Lite is the light version of Facebook. The app was created for devices that are not as performant. The app needs less storage, and it works well even when there isn’t a good internet connection.

Facebook Lite Beta comes with bug fixes and improvements

Two days ago, on March 18th, 2019, Facebook Lite Beta rolled out. The new beta version does not bring any significant changes or new features. However, the update does come with a couple of improvements for speed and reliability.

Installing the app should enhance the performance of the app. You can download the APK for the update from an APK repository that you trust. You can get early access to new Facebook Lite versions if you become a beta tester. You can do that by signing up to that program on the Google Play Store.

Facebook Lite features

Facebook Lite comes with all the features of the Facebook app. The app is a social app first of all. It allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family. You can share photos and status updates and receive likes and comments from your friends.

More than that, Facebook is also great when it comes to organizing or finding social events. You can also access a calendar of public events which take place near your location. The app is also great when it comes to storing and sharing photos. You can do that straight from your phone. There is also Facebook Marketplace, where users can sell and buy items locally.

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