Pokemon Go Will Soon Receive New Features, Data Mining Revealed

Pokemon Go has remained the most popular AR game even if the title was released back in 2016. Developer Niantic has kept the game fresh by releasing a constant stream of updates which made the game better as time passed.

A well-known dataminer has looked at the code of the app and made some exciting discoveries. It seems that Niantic is working on new features which haven’t been officially announced.

The first feature is called Lucky Friends. According to the leaker, players will have the option to select Lucky Friends. Pokémon traded with Lucky Friends will automatically become Lucky Pokémon. The second feature is tied to Adventure Sync, and it named awareness. When a new Pokemon can be found nearby players will receive a notification and Adventure Sync will be able to detect new Pokemon even if the app is closed.

New Features Would Come To Pokemon Go, But We Don’t Know When

At this point, it is not known when the new features will be added to the game, but they may arrive in the following weeks. Niantic has been hard at work in recent months, as the studio aims to enhance the gameplay experience.

Loyal players who play regularly can access limited-time events which offer a variety of exciting challenges and rewards. A special Community Day event takes place each month, giving players the chance to find a unique Pokémon and a rare move.

Pokemon Go may be famous now, but some debates took place when it became available. Many people complained that the game spawned objectives in front of their house, attracting hundreds of people who made noise and ruined their yard. Some fans were a bit disappointed by the micro-transactions, while other claims that the game is a dumbed-down version of the classic titles. The fact that some Pokemon are only available in select regions was also a controversial decision, but many fans have defended the choice, noting that it encourages people to travel and explore the world.

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