AirPods 2 Comes Out With Extended Battery Life, Siri, And Wireless Charging

AirPods, Apple’s hugely popular wireless earbuds, is so loved by the public that the company decided to launch a new version of this product, AirPods 2, with extended battery life and with the long-anticipated wireless charging.

Finally, AirPods 2 is out, and besides coming with improved battery and wireless charging, they also support Siri, Apple’s personal assistant.

AirPods 2 support Siri, come with extended battery life, and optional wireless charging

The second-generation AirPods are not that different from the previous version, especially because of the white stalk that was kept and looked like the cables of a set of earphones has been cut off. The next-generation AirPods will last longer between charges. Also, when used for phone calls and hands-free access, they will also support Siri, the voice assistant of Apple.

The new H1 chip will power the new AirPods 2, and it is designed to keep stable the connection to the smartphone, according to Apple. That’s something many manufacturers find difficult to implement when it comes to wireless earbuds.

The senior vice-president of worldwide marketing of Apple, Phil Schiller, said that the AirPods 2 offer “an extra hour of talk-time, faster connections, hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ and the convenience of a new wireless battery case.”

How much does AirPods 2 cost?

You will need to pay $199 for the latest Apple AirPods 2, as they are on sale right now. They will come with a wireless charging case, which looks similar to the previous Lightning cable-only case from 2017, but it has an exterior charging indicator that lights up.

If you are not interested in wireless charging, there are some AirPods 2 that come with a cheaper cable-only charging case, and they cost only $159.

No matter the version you choose, they both offer you the possibility to use them for five hours to listen to music or three hours to talk on the phone or access Siri.

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