God Of War Received “Game Of The Year” Reward At Game Developer Awards 2019

God of War was released to critical acclaim in 2018, and the game continues to remain a strong competitor. The game was recently picked as the game of the year at the Game Developer Awards 2019, cementing its positive reputation after receiving the same award during The Game Award in December and the DICE Awards in February.

The Game Developers Awards is the most critical event for a game developer, and the variety of games which were featured during the event proves that the industry can offer exciting experiences and remarkable ideas.

Among the winners, we can count games like Celeste, Gris, and Florence, which show that titles brave enough to tackle personal difficulties and issues can be as successful as established franchises. Even if they are unable to match the scale and ambition of AAA titles these games manage to capture the interest of millions of people from all over the world, which is a remarkable achievement in a market which is often overcrowded.

God Of War received the Game Of The Year (2018) at Game Developer Awards 2019

Released in 2018 God of War is a direct sequel to God of War III. While the previous games in the series featured Greek mythology, the latest title brings a breath of fresh air in the form of Norse mythology and an ancient Norway setting.

It is also the first God of War title which features two protagonists as Kratos’ son, Atreus, accompanies the main character of the game. Kratos remains the only playable character while his son provides support and can perform a variety of secondary tasks.

The game focuses on their journey through the nine realms as they plan to reach the highest peak and spread the ashes of Atreus’s mother. Atreus is not aware of his father’s past and the journey will carry them through a series of memorable adventure and epic battles with the Norse Gods. A sequel is currently in development, and many fans anticipate that it could be a launch title for the upcoming PS5.

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