Android Auto 4.1.5909 Is Available To Download With New Features and Improvements

A new version of the popular Android Auto, Android Auto 4.1.5909, is now available bringing more features and improvements to the popular app.

What is Android Auto?

The handy app allows users to connect their smartphone to their car and make use of the capabilities offered by the well-known Google Assistant. A great interface, simple controls, and a robust voice recognition feature will allow drivers to use their favorite apps while on the road without compromising their security.

Below you can find some of the features offered by the app:

  • Quickly reach the next destination with the help of Google Maps and Waze by harnessing real-time data and traffic alerts
  • If something happens ahead, you will receive almost instantaneous updates, accompanied by suggestions for alternative routes and helpful tips
  • Remain productive by checking your calendar with Google Assistant
  • Schedule meetings, listen to the latest news and discover fascinating trivia and fun facts
  • Enable a custom Do Not Disturb mode so you won’t be bothered by notifications while you are focusing on the road
  • Make calls in a flash and answer them with one tap
  • Send messages to friends and family, listen to response and answer by using the Google Assistant. You can find most of the popular platforms on the list of compatible apps, including WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, and the classic SMS
  • Listen to your favorite playlist with support for popular media apps like Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and many more

What’s new in Android Auto 4.1.5909?

Those that wish to use Android Auto will have to own a device which runs Android 5.0 Lollipop or better. A list of compatible car models is available on the official Android Auto webpage. To connect your device to the car, you will need a reliable USB cable. Enable the app and enjoy the experience!

The latest update comes with improved performance and better support for rotary input systems.
The number of apps supported by Android Auto continues to grow continuously, and more will be added in the future. According to the official Android Auto 4.1.5909 release notes, the following features and enhancements have been added:

  • Widescreen support for select vehicles
  • Keyboard improvements
  • New in-call UI
  • Bug fixes and other improvements

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