Pokemon Go: New Shiny Pokemon Coming Next Week During the Limited Research Event

The last week of March will be a busy week for Pokemon players, and we’re not even complaining! Giratina will return to Raid Battles, and Niantic has also announced that they will add two new Shiny Pokemon next week for a new Limited Research event.

Here is the entire schedule of the event and the two Shiny Pokemon that will appear during that period.

Limited Research Event: 30 March

The event will take place on March 30 (Saturday), at 11 AM, and it will end at 8 PM local time. During the many hours of that event, Pokemon that are directly affected by the weather, like Castform, will appear in the wild. Poke Stops will also give players special Field Research tasks, which will end with the encounter of Lotad.

As for the Shiny forms, you will be able to get the Shiny Lotad and the Shiny Castform during this event. This is the first time they have been in Pokemon Go. Players will also get the move Weather Ball for Castform.

Check out the official Pokemon Go website to learn more about this event.

Now let’s see what else you can do in Pokemon Go until April 1.

Pokemon Go Equinox Celebration

Players can celebrate the equinox, and until 26 March they can get more Grass-type Pokemon in the wild. Also, the rare Rock/Psychic Pokemon Lunatone and Solrock should have swapped regions, and their Shiny forms have started appearing already!

As for Giratina, you will be able to see it in Raid Battles and even catch the Altered form starting with March 28, until April 2. Then, the Origin form of Giratina will appear starting with April 3 and ending on April 29.

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