Galaxy S10 Ultimate Edition Launched One Month After the Standard Devices’ Release Date

We’ve all seen how the Samsung Galaxy S10 range comes with a lot of software and hardware problems. Now, we come with a new way in which people can regret the fact that they bought the device.

Samsung has confirmed that ‘Galaxy S10 5G’ will launch in South Korea on the 5th of April, and then, a few weeks later, in the US. The time shows a month barely after the release of the standard edition. The Galaxy S10 5G is supposed to deliver some key updated in every area, and for a lower price.

Besides the 5G connectivity, the rest of the specs are quite big. The display has 6.7-inches, and it comes with the next-gen storage and RAM, that will offer twice the performance, and that with less battery consumption. The battery is of 4500 mAh, which is higher than 4100 mAh (Galaxy S10 Plus) and 3500 mAh (Galaxy S10). It also takes better photos, with a fourth rear camera, (the Time of Flight module) which comes with better low light shots, a faster autofocus and a depth perception that’s much-improved. The Time of Flight module is supposed to appear to Apple’s iPhone 11, too.

Galaxy S10 5G comes with four rear cameras

The price is not as expected, either. The phone will sell for ($1,199), which is the same price as the 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus. Samsung will also offer free Galaxy Buds (worth $159), and a 50% discount on a one-time screen replacement for one year.

Galaxy S10 5G will come with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage, but they’re both next-gen.

It’s a known fact that not everyone will want a phone this big. And it will come only one month after the standard Galaxy S10 range, so people might want to wait a bit before buying it.

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