Xender 4.4.2 Is The Latest Version Of The Best File Sharing App On Android

Back in the day, many people used Bluetooth or a USB cable to transfer files from one device to another. Now you can find a large selection of file sharing tools which can be downloaded from the internet. While most of them are good, you deserve the best and Xender was made with your needs in mind. Below you can find more details about the app and a complete installation guide. Xender 4.4.2 is the latest version of this excellent file sharing app on Android.

What is Xender?

While there are many file sharing apps on the internet Xender was created for Android users. After installing the app, you will be able to transfer essential data like videos, photos, and contacts with just a few taps. Users can share their favorite content with up to five devices at the same time.

Xender features

  • Transfer any file at a blazing speed of up to 40MB per second
  • Send any file with just a few taps. Xender offers support for documents, contacts, images and app data
  • Transfer files without the need to connect to the Internet by using the built-in NFC feature of your devices
  • If you buy a new device, you can send all the files from your old smartphone in just a few minutes
  • Share your favorite files with your friends without any issues
  • The app offers support for multiple languages, and you can pick the one you like best
  • There is no data cap so you can share everything without worrying that you will reach a threshold

Xender 4.4.2 comes with improvements

The latest Xender 4.4.2 version of this excellent file sharing app comes with stability and performance improvements, as well as with several bug fixes. While this variant is not bringing any new features to the app, it’s a smart thing to update to Xender 4.4.2 since it addressed some issues found in the older variants.

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