Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Might Come Out Without Physical Buttons

Samsung’s Note range is quite popular, and a new model will be announced this year. The latest rumors claim that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 could be the first Samsung device without physical buttons.

It appears that the company may decide to remove the volume, power, and Bixby button. Gesture-based or touch features could replace the missing physical buttons. At this point, we cannot tell if Samsung has already found a viable alternative for the physical button.

A recent patent suggests that future customers will squeeze the edges of the display to trigger certain features. Devices like the HTC U11 let users squeeze the sides of the smartphone to complete a variety of tasks, including the launch of the camera app. The change could be quite harsh for the average users and feedback has already appeared across several sites and tech forums. Most users believe that Samsung will test the new design before it marks an appearance on flagship devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 might come out in August with a higher price tag than Note 9

A reliable source believes that Samsung will test the new features with the help of a new Galaxy A series model. The A devices have been used to test other elements in the past, like the punch hole camera, two front cameras, and other features.

Note 9 was well-received by users and critics alike. Samsung packed a lot of useful features with the device, including the ability to opt for 512 GB of built-in storage space. The beautiful S-Pen can be used to perform a variety of useful tasks with just a few clicks. By adding a 512GB memory card owners will be able to carry one TB of data while on the go. The amount is quite staggering since it is larger than the maximum capacity of many popular laptops. The device sold quite well even if the price was considerably steeper in comparison to previous models.

At this point, we do not know when the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be launched. It is likely that it will be released in August, with a slightly higher price tag in comparison to the previous generation.

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