Borderlands 3 Teaser With The Calypso Twins and New Features

PAX East kicks off today and this is the event where some of the world’s most popular game developers are going to come and show off their latest games. Gearbox Software is one of the developers that will host a panel during the event and the game that everyone wants to see from Gearbox Software is Borderlands 3.

Even though the game developer didn’t want to make any announcements about Borderlands 3 during this past couple of weeks, Gearbox Software has finally decided to release a short teaser that confirms the game’s upcoming announcement during PAX East.

Borderlands 3 Teaser

Gearbox Software has released a new teaser for Borderlands 3 today and the video is simply called “Borderlands”. The video shows the famous Vault symbol and it presents some important statues of characters that from the Borderlands universe. To make things even better, a new SHiFT code has been discovered in Borderlands 2.

The Calypso Twins

The first character that is highlighted in the Borderlands 3 teaser is called Siren. She is a popular character from the Borderlands universe and she accompanied by a male character who we believe is her twin brother. The reason why we believe this is because Siren and her male counterpart will be the main antagonists of Borderlands 3 and they will be known as The Calypso Twins.

The Children of the Vault Cult

The interesting thing about The Calypso Twins is the fact that they run a cult known as The Children of the Vault. From the looks of it, Borderlands 3 players are going to have to fight against The Children of the Vault, this makes sense especially since the vault symbol is placed all over the teaser. The last thing that we want to mention is that the teaser contains the hidden message written in braille that says “Follow and Obey”.

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